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NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

Re-traumatisation of People who Identify as LGBTQIA + with Torture and Refugee Trauma Experiences: Clinical Implications and Interventions

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Elvis Caus
Team Leader/Counsellor
Survivors & Mates Support Network

Heather Grace Jones
LGBTQIA+ Project Manager

People who have survived torture and refugee trauma and fled from their homeland because of fear of persecution based on their sexual orientation and or gender identity, are often re-traumatised, experiencing further discrimination after their arrival in Australia. Communities born overseas who identify as LGBTQIA+ may have been in severe danger in their country of origin for their LGBTQIA+ status, in addition to being exposed to war, trauma, migration, loss and dislocation. In Australia, people may experience homo/transphobia from their cultural communities, as well as experiencing racism and stereotypes from the wider LGBTQIA+ community, which can affect their psychosocial wellbeing. In this Clinical Master Class, held on 25 May 2022, Elvis Cause brought together his personal experiences and professional expertise to exploring the re-traumatisation of people from LGBTIQA+ CALD communities, the impacts, the clinical implications, as well as strategies and interventions on how to support this vulnerable group of clients. Heather Grace Jones, LGBTQIA+ Project Coordinator, demonstrated STARTTS’ work encompassing clinical and community interventions with a case study. This was followed by a panel discussion.

View the two lectures and panel discussion by clicking on the course content below. When you are finished you can request the system send you a certificate of completion. The slide PDFs are available in the Materials tab.

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