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NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

The Neuroscience of Trauma and Ageing: Latest Research and Clinical Implications

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Dr John Arden
Psychologist, Teacher, Author

Lilian Harman
Clinical Psychologist, STARTTS

Jorge Aroche
Facilitator, CEO, STARTTS

This important Clinical Master Class webinar (recorded on 5 March 2024) will give you practical, lifestyle-based, body-mind, psychoeducational therapeutic strategies to assist older people who were victims of trauma stabilise their health. These simple interventions address chronic inflammation and metabolic dysfunction which are strongly associated with a broad range of mental health problems, including devastating effects on mood, cognition, dementia, and the desire to engage other people.

From Dr John Arden, world-renowned psychologist, teacher and author, you will learn about the normal ageing process, and how trauma can accelerate many brain and body ageing syndromes. He will outline an integrative therapeutic approach that includes brain-based psychoeducation that is understandable, tangible and de-pathologising. He will describe five key factors that research has consistently shown to support brain health.

Lilian Harman, a STARTTS Clinical Psychologist, will take you through a real-life example of an older client from a refugee background whom she successfully treated for PTSD symptoms using an integrated body-mind approach guided by the SEEDS principles as described by Dr John Arden.

You will view a Q&A panel discussion facilitated by STARTTS’ CEO and Clinical Psychologist, Jorge Aroche. You will come away with many tools to assist your older traumatised clients engage in healthy ageing practices.

View the two lectures and panel discussion by clicking on the course content below. When you are finished you can request the system send you a certificate of completion.

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