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NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

Challenges of Working Clinically with Domestic and Family Violence when the Perpetrator is also a Torture and Refugee Trauma Survivor

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Prof Susan Rees
Professor of Psychiatry
University of NSW

Kat Mikhailouskaya
Former Counsellor

Male survivors of torture may be at higher risk of enacting violence within the family. Family violence includes Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) targeting the spouse, violence and aggression toward children, and harmful exposure of children to IPV. In this Clinical Master Class held on 18 September 2019, Professor Susan Rees, a professor of psychiatry at the University of NSW, explored the evidence for a multifaceted approach to intervention with men who may be torture and trauma survivors and perpetrators of IPV. Key areas for consideration were: taking a ‘whole of family’ approach without risking the safety of the partner and children; considering patriarchy, cultural norms and contemporary Australian expectations and laws regarding IPV; and the association between war, masculinity, and the perceived loss of male power during settlement. Kat Mikhailouskaya, a former STARTTS Counsellor, illustrated STARTTS’s work with a case study of a male client who was a survivor of torture and trauma and a perpetrator of IPV.

View the two lectures and panel discussion by clicking on the course content below. When you are finished you can request the system send you a certificate of completion. The slide PDFs are available in the Materials tab.

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